Journal of lipid and atherosclerosis (JLA), an open access and peer-reviewed journal, is an official journal of the Korean Society of Lipid and Atherosclerosis. The JLA is published 2 times a year (June and December), and abbreviated title is 'J Lipid Atheroscler'.

The aims of JLA are to publish clinical and basic science on all aspects of lipid and atherosclerosis, thereby sharing scientific information with all other scientific societies. The ultimate goal of JLA is to contribute in prevention of diseases associated with lipid and atherosclerosis.

The JLA is open to all scientists, who are interested in the areas associated with lipid and atherosclerosis. The JLA publishes articles about education, information, and scientific research on lipid and atherosclerosis related diseases. The JLA publishes original articles, case reports, reviews, and editorials either in Korean or in English.

The JLA is published both in-print and online, and includes key words indexing with Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) terms. Full text is freely available on the official website ( or

Editor-in-Chief Jaetaek Kim, MD
pISSN 2287-2892
eISSN 2288-2561

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